As you transition through life…….


               Have you ever felt the need to:

Have more enjoyable and satisfying relationships?
Understand and reach your true potential?

Be confident with yourself and others?

Have more peace and contentment?

Better understand your emotions?

Redefine your Life work?

Understand how spirituality

impacts your life?

                                              Have you searched for a

Counselor, Teacher, Coach and Spiritual Guide

who is intuitive and also has real world experience? is an Intuitive Certified Life Coach as well as a former Corporate Vice President. She has the life experience to help you achieve your above goals and more. Carolyn will guide you in discovering and utilizing your known and newly discovered talents and strengths allowing you to weave a new life tapestry ….for the result and happiness you desire.


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Carolyn will work as a remote consultant via the internet & telephone # 817-988-2398


Carolyn Ruth Bates, Certified Professional Life Coach, (CPC)

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